CRYSANTHOU is a London based sustainable fashion brand that launched in March 2020 founded by Cathy Alexanders. The brand focuses on creating eclectic fashion to encourage individuality and sustainable change. 

 As an 18 year old, I want for mine and the upcoming generation to connect with sustainability and create graphic fashion that one can resonate with. Fashion is an industry worth 2.3 trillion dollars and employs 60 million people. The industry has the capacity to reach more people than a lot of other industries and I believe it should be used to express our ideas, address the industry’s issues and to appreciate art and the imagination behind what we wear rather than supporting brands that stand purely for economic reasons such as fast fashion. 

I design projecting least harm to the environment as I can. fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry and I believe sustainability must be imperative, this means to be conscious of the cultural, social, economic and environmental issues around fashion design. I use recycled, dead stock and eco friendly fabrics to address the problem of waste and by digitally printing on 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) which significantly contributes to providing a market-driven solution to poverty and reducing inequality.

 This also means that the Cotton was grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. For cotton to be GOTS organic it needs to grow in soil that has been free of prohibited substances for at least three years prior to harvest and all chemicals used (dyes, processing) have met requirements on toxicity and biodegradability. Organic cotton also reaches all 17 of the UN sustainable development goals. 

I began and still produce the clothes myself but am beginning small production in East London soon.  I also print my graphics to print digitally to ensure there was least water involved In the process. By doing this I am not saving the environment but at least I am not harming it through what I love to do. I began by recycling pages of the 60s London underground magazines as an art collection  and now create my original graphics, art and writing for sale- In a way creating my own magazine through the medium of fashion design.