Originally starting as a sustainable streetwear label, Chrysanthou was founded by Cathy Alexanders Chrysanthou in London. Cathy began designing clothes at 16 alongside her A-levels and was inspired by taboo subjects in 60's counter-culture magazines which heavily influenced her early graphic prints across her signature unisex trouser and jacket sets.

Alongside her streetwear collections, Chrysanthou Ready to Wear utilises idiosyncratic forms of fabric cutting and accents to elevate classic timeless pieces, making them feel exciting, unique, new, and cater to flatter everyone.

Chrysanthou focuses on creating eclectic fashion that also encourages connection to sustainability. Cathy decided this would be an important element to her label as she wanted her generation to relate to her designs, and therefore to the environmental issues that she addresses, whether this be through her graphic prints, brand, or processes. (See 'Sustainability' Page for more information).