Respect the earth, respect our history and respect your roots - subsequently respect yourself as you are part of something larger than you will ever understand. 
There is a sense of stability and dependability in old things 
Ecosystems have existed independently for millions of years 
Preserve them.
Let them carry on living let things be pure and organic as they are intended to be  
Nature, care for it and let it grow 
In a world that is ever progressing industrially and the population constantly increasing understand the duty you have to preserve the earth in its original form before we touched it, do not get swept away in all things modern and cold to the touch.
We are simply another species on this earth and we are slowly devouring it whole 
Don’t let things fade 
Things that connect us to times long gone   
Keep them alive and remember we are not brand new 
We are the product of a process, a product of time and a product of progression 
Honour those who came before us and walked where you have walked and stared at the sky that forever floats above your head 
Understand the things on earth that exist outside of time, they are immortal like the ancient gods.
Nurture and show compassion for beings that cannot speak as loudly as you
Understand your insignificance in existence and all that is real but also understand the importance of your life during the short time you are on this planet. 
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